About us

More than 60 years since our foundation.
We will introduce the corporate information of Daikin Co., Ltd.
that consistently performs from raw material safety and safety to pursuit of deep taste.

Corporate philosophy

I am aiming for "making commitment making healthy". "The true richness that people seek" means "I am everyday healthy and can eat something delicious." It is most important to keep in mind that people concerned about eating "to live healthy, rich daily life usually," it is most important that "good faith, product making without mistakes" is important, sticking to it I feel even more worthwhile to be able to contribute to the promotion of human health by doing it.While concentrating on making goods with no mistake and truly hearted, new creation that fostered the heart of "fruit (playing with fruit)" We are also finding out the internal organization for "next 50 years" where nursery is raised.

Company Profile

Company name
Daitoku Corporation
Head office location
5-16 Shinhashideracho, Moriguchi city, Osaka 570-0098 Japan
Contact information
April 1, 1964
10 million yen
Teruhisa Ueda
HACCP responsible person acquired: Food manufacturing process management "HACCP responsible person training course" completed by HACCP promotion project no. No. 2-0027
Main handling items
Various pomzu / dressing / citrus seasoning / citrus fruit juice beverage / seasoning vinegar


March 1957
Established as "Nakagashi Shoten" by Tokuzo Nakahashi
April 1972
Daitoku Corporation established
February 1983
Headquarters moved to 1-2-10 1-Nipponbashi, Minami Ku , Osaka City Japan
March 1993
Takeshi Nakahashi is appointed Representative Director (President)
April 2000
Head office moved to 5-16 Shinhashideracho, Moriguchi city, Osaka Japan
August 2002
Michiko Nakahashi is appointed Representative Director (President)
May 2003
Teruhisa Ueda inaugurated as the representative director (current president)
June 2007
Management reform based on the New Business Activity Promotion Act Business plan Approved companies approved by Osaka prefecture

Group company introduction

Group company introduction
■ Location: No. 5 No. 16 Shinbashi-cho, Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture 570-0098
■ Contact information: tel: +81-6-6997-0103 (substitution) fax: +81-6-6997-0103
■ Main business: Ponzu products manufacture